Getting To Know Slideshows


As photo slide shows have now become a standard part of what SPC does every quarter in a club meeting, it seemed appropriate to do some research on photo slide show software to help members know what is “out there” for free or purchase. In any case, I’m sure there are some packages out there that won’t be mentioned here as the availability of slide show software keeps growing.


Be sure to check if the software will work on your computer platform as some software only works on a Mac platform or a PC platform. I’m not familiar with many of these programs, but I do know FotoMagico 4 (Apple) and what Lightroom has to offer. You can still use iPhoto (Apple) for a slideshow, too. I believe that the PC platform also offers some type of slideshow in their standard software package. And, there is always PowerPoint or Notebook in Mac.


Remember, as you put together your slideshow for display that it is not about the slideshow specifically, in other words you don’t have to create the best video, it’s about the photos you are showing. We are a photography club, not a video club. Showing our photos in this manner does provide us all, however, with an opportunity to learn a new program that will help us to show off our best photos.


I found the items below through a web search-


A Review of several slideshow programs, including the often used Pro Show (PC):


Free Slideshow Maker:


Free slideshow and video maker:


A YouTube advertisement for a free program:


FotoMagico 4 (Apple only) can be found on the Apple App store. This software requires you to make all the choices for each slide. There are no templates or presets to simply choose from to create a slideshow. You can add music as you desire as well as additional sound effects and each slide can be configured individually.


Lightroom allows for a basic and graphically correct slideshow. You can use a background slide for all your slides or a simple background color. You can add up to 10 music tracks, text on slides (either the same on all slides or individual text using metadata), a color wash, and beginning and ending slides. You can also create a template.


Again, remember that the original intent of the slideshow presentations was not about showing the most advanced video, but was instead about the opportunity to present a body of your work for club members to see. Have fun with this, it’s not a contest; it’s a sharing opportunity