Photographers Available

The list of photographers below provides interested parties with information about  photographers in the Sonora Photo Club who are willing to take photographs for clients.  Please read the information carefully as each photographer is unique with their own capabilities and requirements.  In order to be on this list, a photographer must belong to the Sonora Photo Club.

The Sonora Photo Club does not endorse or recommend any photographer on this list, and is not liable for any product or service provided by a photographer, or for any issues with a contract, verbal or written.  You, both customer and photographer, are encouraged to negotiate a written and signed contract prior to beginning any work on a project. Please contact the photographer directly via email or phone as provided in the contact details below.  The photo club does not accept complaints or feedback regarding any work produced by the photographers on this list.

Daniel Ryan/Ryan Images

Type of Photography:  Landscape, travel, sport/team and real estate photography, able to provide local small group photography tours, weddings (as 2nd shooter), as well as photo restoration, and slide copy projects.

Fee:  Sliding scale based on the project/event.  Will not accept work for trade.  Will accept work for byline only. 

Website, Flickr and Facebook pages:
Phone:  (209) 541-7440

Bio:  I am a retired teacher turned landscape photographer who specializes in the Western United States primarily Northern California.  I’ve been wandering the West with camera in hand for the past 20 years.  Over the years I have shot both Canon and Nikon cameras and am currently using a Nikon D810 with D7100 as back up.

I am an active member of the Sonora Photo Club, a contributor to local fairs and a volunteer photographer at Railtown 1897 in Jamestown.  I would love to assist you with you photographic needs and/or show you some of the “hot spots” in my photographic “neighborhood.”

Will travel up to 200 miles for project(s).

Kathy Scutt Photography

Type of Photography: Weddings, Lifestyles, Events

Fee: $100 – $3,000. Will accept work for trade. Will accept work for Byline only.

Website and/or Facebook: Kathy Scutt Photography (; Flickr: Scuttlbut
Phone: (209) 878-3059

Bio: Hi, I am Kathy Scutt.  I have lived in the Sonora, California area for most of my life.  I am a full time wedding and event photographer.  I have traveled as far as Hawaii to shoot a wedding. I am passionate about making beautiful images of your wedding day.  I will listen to you and turn your mission into a beautiful story with my images. 

 How far will you travel for the project: Anywhere for the right price!

Reimbursement for travel: Yes