Meeting Minutes 2018-02-18

Photo Display

The “Sunrise/Sunset” theme photos were displayed from the website.  No printed photos were offered for display.

Financial Report

Laurie Lehmann provided updated information for the club. One new member has joined, and our membership is at 34 members for the year. Our current balance is $1,169.44. It was approved that $15/month would be directed from the treasury to defray the cost of monthly refreshments if asked for by the refreshments volunteer.

Railtown Summer Display – Kathy Syverson

The summer display in the Carriage Room at Railtown runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Weekend and is a benefit for the Railtown Foundation.  Kathy explained the procedure for image selection and that payout for images sold is not until after the show closes in September. Images sold must be replaced with the same image as soon as possible.  Eight club members expressed an interest in participating: Dan Ryan, Jim Brown, Steve Brooks, Linda Hogue, Pat Jennings, Jacob Lewis, Cathy Sponseller and Kathy Syverson.

InFocus 2018

Kathy Syverson gave some updated information on the 2018 InFocus Photography Competition.

    • Jurying is complete for the 2018 show and 191 images were selected.
    • Several new panels and new lighting fixtures have been added.
    • The opening reception and awards ceremony is on March 4th from 5 – 7 p.m.
    • The show runs from March 5th thru March 18th and will be open daily from 12 – 5:30 p.m.  The final day, March 18th will close at 3:00 p.m. and photos can be picked up from 3 – 5:30 p.m.
    • The cost to join the Arts Alliance is $45 and must be paid prior to the reception if the artist does not want to pay a 20% commission on work sold. Membership can be purchased from the “STORE” at the TCAA web site.
    • The InFocus show benefits the Tuolumne County Arts Alliance.
    • The Artists bios will provide contact information.




Laurie showed the club 6 videos explaining what photo distortion is and how to correct it by using either Photoshop or Lightroom. She felt that this correction should be the first step in photo adjustment. Zack will post the videos on the club website.

Kathy Syverson led a discussion of printed images supplied by Dan Ryan, Laurie Lehmann, Bill Heiser, Jan Alcalde and Cathy Sponseller.  It was agreed that the discussion of printed images is valuable and should continue.

Hints and Tips


Member Input/Q&A


Photo Opportunities


Next Meeting

Date: March 18, 2018

Presentation: Zack will give some information on Depth of Field and Hyperfocal Distance. We’ll also watch a video that Dale found on Advance Brush settings in Lightroom and Photoshop

Photo Theme: Snow/Frost/Ice/Cold

Refreshments:  Cheryl Calderaro

Meeting Minutes 2018-01-21

Photo Display

The “Still Life” theme photos were displayed from the website.  No printed photos were offered for display.

Financial Report

Laurie Lehmann provided updated information for the club. 24 paid members, and $939+ in the club account. Dues are due by 1/31/2018.


Zack presented the findings of the next survey that he sent out on several issues.

  • 2018 topics for competition: Landscape, Macro, Abstract, Tuolumne County
  • 2018 education ideas: Guest Professionals, Indoor Setup, Blending Modes; Photoshop Basics, Sharpening, Advanced Photoshop and Photo Stacking.
  • 2018 cameras used: Nikon (ILC and point and shoot), Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Smartphone.
  • 2018 software used: Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Others

For a more detailed breakdown, please contact Zack.

InFocus 2018

Kathy Syverson discussed the 2018 InFocus Photography Competition that closes to entries on Monday, January 22 at 6:00 p.m. Selected photos can be submitted on Friday, March 2, 2018 from noon to 5 p.m. and on Saturday, March 3 2018 from 9 a.m. to noon.

Laurie Lehmann, Dan Ryan, Jerry Woodward and Pat Jennings volunteered to help Kathy Syverson with check-in.

The exhibit opens at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday March 4th with a presentation of awards to artists. The exhibit runs from March 4th thru March 18th when photos will need to be picked up by the artists. Volunteers to gallery sit include Dan Ryan, Laurie Lehmann, Barbara Stewart, Jan Alcalde and Pat Jennings.   Hours are noon to 5:30 p.m.


Laurie used PowerPoint to explain a typical Adobe Lightroom workflow. Five steps in the process are: Capture, Import, Organize, Develop and Output. The workflow process will be posted to the club website.

Kathy Syverson led a discussion on how to improve photos submitted at the October club photo contest based on the comments made by the judges.  Zack and Kathy both brought photos with the judges’ comments for discussion of what could be done in the shooting and in post-processing to correct the photographs. Many club members disagreed with the judges’ comments.

Hints and Tips


Member Input/Q&A

Dan Ryan thought that a discussion of printed work vs. the Photo Display was more beneficial.  It was agreed that printed photos would be presented for comment in addition to the Photo Display. Dan Ryan, Laurie Lehmann, Bill Heiser, Art Ortiz, Noel Ortiz and Jan Alcalde agreed to bring one photo each for discussion at the February meeting.

Photo Opportunities

Jerry Woodward suggested that morning frost produced by the current cold weather was an excellent photo opportunity if one bundled up and got out early.

Indigeny was mentioned as one good location.

Next Meeting

Date: February 18, 2018

Presentation: Laurie Lehmann volunteered to research “Distortion”: how to correct and how to add to photographs.

Photo Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

Refreshments:  Barbara Stewart

Meeting Minutes 2017-11-19

These are the meeting minutes for the November 19, 2017 Sonora Photo Club meeting.

Photo Display

The “Shadow” theme photos were displayed from the website.  No printed photos were offered for display.  The display went well and the feeling was that this was a better option than using Flickr.

Financial Report

Although not at the meeting, Laurie did provide the information that the balance and number of members remained the same as last month.  Laurie will collect dues for 2018 at the Christmas party and in January.


Zack presented the findings of the survey that he sent out on several issues.  He will make the survey results available to all but here are some decisions that were made at the meeting.

Christmas Party

Although only 11 of the 20 people responded yes to the party, some at the meeting indicated that they would attend if we had one.  Also, we would potentially have spouses attending, too.  We agreed that we will have the party.

WHEN: December 17 from 1:00 to 4:00

WHERE: The library meeting room

WHAT TO BRING: Given the smaller number of attendees, bring finger food – appetizers or desserts, drinks.

ALSO: Zack will create a slideshow to run during the party.  Upload your photos here to be included.  If you have more than 20, give them to him on a flash drive.


We need people to volunteer to instruct in some the various topics.

Photo Contest

Many good ideas were offered for the next contest.  There was a huge list of possible categories.  Zack will send out another survey asking members to select the 3 or 4 that they prefer to help the committee narrow down some ideas.  

Club Roles for 2018

Zack also presented a list of positions that were open or already had a volunteer and asked people to fill in the spots that were empty.  The full list is:

  • President – Zack with Noel and Joel as backups when he can’t be there
  • Vice President – Bill Heiser
  • Secretary – Pat Jennings
  • Treasurer – Laurie Lehmann
  • Facilities Coordinator – Pat Jennings
  • Webmaster – Bill Heiser
  • Education – Steve Brooks
  • New Member Mentor – Zack
  • Display Coordinator – Noel with Zack’s assistance
Slideshow Presentations

Dan Childres, Bill Heiser and Joel Silverman presented their excellent slideshows.  

Zack offered the possibility of putting our slideshows on the web.  We discussed some of the issues including licensing for music, hosting the slideshows, bandwidth.  After discussion, it seemed most easily managed if we strip the music from the slideshow and select a host like YouTube or Vimeo.  The website would then have a link to those hosted videos.  To be discussed further.

We offered open positions for slideshows in 2018.  The following people have signed up:

MAY: Kathy Syverson, Laurie Lehmann, David Goldemberg and Nancy Conti

AUGUST: Dan Ryan, Art and Noel Ortiz – 1 space open

NOVEMBER: Jan Alcalde and Zack Levey – 2 open positions

Hints and Tips

Pat Jennings offered two videos on shooting snow and also handed out some Winter Photography Tips.

Zack offered to present a 45 minute video at some future meeting on critiquing a photo.  This has been requested and if there are people who are interested, it would be done in the 12:00 hour before the regular meeting.

Member Input/Q&A

A member asked how the judges felt about the judging, the categories, etc.  Following several comments from members, we agreed that we need to get the contest committee formed now so they can begin planning early as several feedback ideas suggested.  The committee includes:

  • Noel Ortiz
  • David Goldemberg
  • Jim Brown
  • Pat Jennings – will think about it
  • Nancy Conti – will think about it
Photo Opportunities
  • There is a Celebrate Yosemite & the Sierras competition with a deadline in a week.  See the email that Joel Silverman just sent out.
  • Railtown’s Polar Express begins the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving.  It will also run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the first three weekends in December.  The train runs at 4:30, 6:00 and 7:30.
  • The InFocus Show will be accepting entries via Smarter Entry from November 30 through January 22.  See the website for details.
  • The Murphys parade and Art on Main is on Dec. 5.
  • The Sonora Christmas Parade is Friday, November 25.
Next Meeting

Date: January 21, 2018

Presentation: Laurie will do a Lightroom Workflow demo and Kathy Syverson will moderate a discussion of how to improve photos based on the contest judges comments.  Bring your photos and the judges’ scoring sheets if you wish to have your photos included in the discussion.

Photo Theme: Still Life

Refreshments:  Nancy Conti