Club Email Lists

How to Send Emails to the Sonora Photo Club

It can be tedious to type in many email addresses to send emails to multiple people in the photo club. The easiest way to avoid typing and retyping the email addresses is to set up an email group. We have created shared email group lists that all members of the club can use through a service called

Each group is set up to send to the targeted audience but will NOT show all of the recipients when an email is sent.

When you “Reply”, the message will ONLY go to the person who sent the email.

“Reply All” cannot be used to respond to the entire group. You must choose “Forward” and select the relevant group list in the “To” line. – This email is sent to all members of the photo club as reflected
on the current roster. – This email is sent to the members of the club’s Board of Directors which include the four officers and the two At-Large members. – This email is used on the website for the public to use to contact the club for information. This email is sent to the current President of the club.

To send an email to a single person, use their email address as listed on the roster.

For a copy of the current roster, contact the Treasurer.