2019-07 Still Life Workshop

The Still Life Workshop held on July 21, 2019 by the Sonora Photo Club was deemed a success by those attending.  Kathy Syverson conducted the workshop and eight club members attended with camera, tripod and enthusiasm.  Despite a glitch with the use of the projector, Kathy gave a short presentation on photographing still life images. And then we began our photography.

Three “stations” were set up.  Kathy brought many objects for one station focusing on vases, flowers and other small supplemental objects using a foam board background covered with cloth.  She also brought gambling, wine and whiskey objects for another station.  Bill Heiser brought a large light tent with lights for this station. Dan Ryan brought a wonderful collection of other interesting, miscellaneous objects and set them up using the old piano as a backdrop.

Attendees moved through the stations, arranging objects and moving objects from station to station for their vision of a still life image.  As people photographed, we talked about how objects might be arranged, what some of the problems were (like photographing a shiny object with a light shining on it), and camera techniques to achieve desired results. 

We wrapped up our efforts after about two hours of photography and went home to view our results.  Here are some of the images that our photographers have offered to share.