Photographer of the Month

Sundog - by Jan Alcalde

The club’s Photographer of the Month for September, 2020 is Jan Alcalde. Here’s her bio:

After a semester of photography in college, Jan became smitten with the absolute magic of that latent image emerging in its chemical bath.  Amazing!  She’s been dabbling in photography ever since.  With skills acquired through Columbia Community College classes in the 80’s and tutorage from photo-friends, she has participated in a variety of local and regional shows.  Slow to transition to the “digital darkroom,” she now dabbles slowly, learning the wondrous magic made possible with every-improving hardware and software.  She has much to learn.

She loves to travel, especially through the southwest, and particularly in New Mexico.  An opportunistic photographer, she captures images that catch her eye and interest.

Jan is fortunate to have participated in several local galleries, including the Aloft Gallery and formerly Art on Main and the Manzanita Arts Emporium.  A consummate procrastinator, she joined the gallery, the Arts of Bear Valley group, and Sonora Photo Club in order to learn more and to force some discipline on her dabbling soul. She is dabbling a bit more seriously and enjoying her play with pixels and prints.