Photographer of the Month

The club’s Photographer of the Month for December, 2018 is Linda Hogue. Below is her biography:

I simply enjoy photographing people and places in my life. My photos are for sharing and for my
archives to look up past trips, experiences, and good times. The opportunities that come along
with photography are many, such as the sheer enjoyment of capturing a scene, meeting new
people, going to events and remembering those events later, and developing my skills in this
field of photography. The challenges change and sometimes I come home with photos that I
hadn’t expected to take just because I had to find a more creative way to handle the challenge.
Photography is full of surprises and I like that about it. I like trying to get the shot in my camera
because even though processing can be fun, getting the shot in the field means I not only did it
right but I don’t have to spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer correcting things in
PS. Happy Photographing to you all.

Past Photographers of the Month