Photographer of the Month

The club’s Photographer of the Month for July, 2020 is Kathy Syverson Here’s her bio:

The first half of 2020 has been a challenge for everyone and certainly for photographers who were pretty much restricted to making their photos while the shelter-in-place rule was in effect.  I took this opportunity to try some new projects that I probably would never have tried without this restriction.  I set up a very cramped “studio” in my guest room which afforded me some North and West window light, and gathered material.  I collected bowls, plates, cloth napkins, spices, beads, food, and flowers.  If I saw something in the house that might be useful, I grabbed it.  I gathered a few lights and light modifiers that I might be able to use.  I read articles on still life, photographing food, macro photography.  And then the fun began.

I tried some macro photography, oil and water shots, water droplets on glass, yarn art, kitchen art.  But my greatest pleasure, and my initial efforts, were creating still life photos of food.  The fun was in creating the various compositions and the challenge was getting the lighting right.  I also enjoyed the post processing where I tried to find a special look for each photo that I chose to edit.  What next?  I’m looking at water drop photography, frozen object photography, more macro photography, other subject themes, and focus stacking as a start.

You can see more of my photos on SmugMug at and on Instagram at @kathysyv.