Photographer of the Month

The club’s Photographer of the Month for September, 2018 is Kathy Syverson. Below is her biography.

I am a photography nut!  I became one when I bought my first digital camera.  I love found objects (aka “things”), still lifes, close ups, landscapes, seascapes.  There are so many interesting things to photograph.  Every year, I try to learn new techniques and tools to make my photos (I hope) ever better.  Some of my favorite tools are software programs that let me process photos in so many different ways.  The digital darkroom gives me so many opportunities to create the looks and styles that express my vision.

I’m not only a photography nut but I’m a color photography nut.  Give me lots of color — saturated, vibrant color.  But there are some times when monotone expresses a vision more effectively than color.  Choosing the right image to convert to a monotone takes practice and an “eye”.  Finding some of those images among the photos that I’ve taken has been one of my projects this past year.  Although one often things of black & white, monotone applies to other tones – sepia, cyanotype, selenium or any other single color tone that expresses a vision.  I invite you to take a look at these images and see if I’ve hit the mark.

Past Photographers of the Month