Photographer of the Month

The club’s Photographer of the Month for January & February, 2020 is Linda Hogue. Following is her bio:

Photography has been a means to many ends.  It has brought me opportunities to meet new people, it gives me a way of expressing a form of art, and I can use it to the benefit of others.  I see nature or whatever I am photographing more closely and attentively discovering new things or even miracles.

Macro brings in even the tinyest of details; details I have often skipped over due to busyness.  Landscapes can be so broad and encompassing with beauty all around.  People with their smiles or seriousness that comes across long enough to observe in a photo.  Love the surprises that I capture that I didn’t notice before.  It has been many years that I have pursued photography and I still love it. 

This year I have tried Drone photography, another means to getting the whole picture.  Some of my photos this month are taken with a Drone.  Hope you enjoy them.