Photographer of the Month

The club’s Photographer of the Month for May, 2020 is Connie Cassinetto. Here’s her bio:

Recently I’ve been learning more about converting images to black and white.  This is not new for me, but I have not concentrated on it for some time.  Since I can’t go to places that I would normally go to due to the COVID-19 I’m spending some time honing my technique in Photoshop and Lightroom, and in other software, too.  I happen to like playing around with software to create different results with my images.

I recently read a couple of articles and bought a book on a well-known and very successful photographer, David Yarrow, and the majority of his work is done in black and white.  He is a digital photographer and uses Nikon equipment.  He photographs around the world, mostly focusing on animals, and is a great supporter of non-profit animal organizations in various countries, especially in Africa.  His work sells for $60,000 to $200,000.  His images are fantastic and inspiring.  

The images presented here were taken in Africa in 2013, my first overseas trip to photograph animals.  It was also my birthday present to myself for making it to 60!  I’ve been going back through the images to find appropriate subjects for black and white versions and I’ve posted a few here.  I hope you enjoy them.