Photographer of the Month

The club’s Photographer of the Month for November, 2020 is Kathy Syverson. Here’s her bio:

In recent years, Kathy has photographed a variety of subjects including landscapes, flowers, and so many objects at Railtown 1897 State Historic Park where she is a volunteer photographer.  And then along came Covid-19 with all of its restrictions.  So, temporarily giving up photography out in the world, she has focused on that which she can do at home. 

Kathy has now focused on still life, flay lay and macro images.  She created a small photography studio in her house and pursues her new photography interests in a very small setting.  Many of the subjects are gathered from the natural material along the road in her neighborhood – feathers, leaves, pinecones, weeds, acorns, sticks, and stones, and supplemented with fruits, flowers, bottles, and other “finds” around the house.  It has been seven months of so many learning opportunities.  

With Halloween ending the month of October and Thanksgiving coming in November, she has focused her work on still life images using pumpkins and gourds which are featured in the Photographer of the Month for November.