Photographer of the Month

The club’s Photographer of the Month for May, 2018 is Dan Ryan. Below is his biography.

I began my love affair with photography in the mid ’50 when I purchased a used Argus C3 and was bitten by the photography bug.  Backpacking in the Southern California mountains as well as summers tromping Montana’s backcountry created a desire to share the beauty of those experiences. After moving to Northern California, the opportunity to hone my photographic skills increased. I fell in love with the beauty of the mountains and seashore and the challenge of chasing the light. With retirement, I now have the time to wonder the natural wonders of the Western United States and hopefully capture the essence of region’s natural beauty.   Landscapes are my real love/passion although Railtown’s engine Number 3 with a full head of steam isn’t a bad thing either.

I have owned both Canon and Nikon film cameras over the years and eventually made the switch to digital about 12 years ago and purchasing a Nikon D70.  I am currently using a full frame Nikon D810 with a crop D7100 as backup.

My goal with this batch of images is to share some of my black and white conversions.  B & W is a challenge to get right and I’m still learning.  A good habit, particularly easy in Lightroom, is to convert images temporally to B & W and then back to color before you begin actually processing the image.  The result is you learn to pick out the images that really should to be converted and additionally you’ll begin to see in B & W in the field.

I appreciate your taking the time to view my photos.


Past Photographers of the Month