Photographer of the Month

The club’s Photographer of the Month for January – February, 2018 is Cathy Sponseller. Below is her biography.

I was always interested in the National Geographic Magazines as I grew up.  Large “coffee table” books were enticing.  I started with a Kodak Instamatic by high school and had 25 photos of high school activities in the 1968 yearbook.  My first and second years of college included photo lab classes with my first 35mm (no light meter, bells, or whistles).  Once I settled on Geography as a major, many classes were augmented by slide shows of teachers’ field studies.  Years of family vacations (US and Europe), plus two summers working in Yosemite, were captured in slides..  I always had a camera along, and often tried to imagine a shot as a painting.

Decades later, I took two black & white photo lab courses and a water color painting class at Diablo Valley College.  The water color class taught me a lot about color and shading.  While I haven’t taken up a paintbrush in years, I’ve had fun making watercolor versions of my photos with PhotoShop.  After more than 50 years visualizing images through cameras, I find there is still just so much to learn.

Past Photographers of the Month