Meeting Minutes 2019-03-17

PHOTO DISPLAY – The monthly photo theme was “Simplify”. Photos were viewed via Adobe Lightroom followed by member comments. They can be viewed on SPC website.

IMAGE CRITIQUE – Moderated by Dan Ryan
Eight images were critiqued by club members using characteristics of:
• Impact
• Compositional elements present
• Technique
Both positive comments and suggestions for possible improvements were voiced.

Slideshow – Connie Cassinetto
Connie gave a slideshow of birds using FotoMagico software

PRESENTATION – Kathy Syverson
Kathy gave a presentation on focus stacking using both Helicon Focus and Photoshop. Photo stacking is taking a number of photos at various focal points to maximize the focus throughout the image without changing the f-stop. Kathy prepared a handout which have been posted on the website and included at an attachment to the meeting minutes.

Theme of the Month – new topics were suggested for future Themes of the Month: Focus Stacking, Form & Shape and Street Photography. Photos should be sent to Connie at the club email – and also sent to the club website.

Upcoming themes:
• April, Food
• May, Long Exposure
• June, Water

*Themes will advance forward should meetings be canceled.

Railtown update – Kathy Syverson
• Eight photographers will be participating in the event
• Voting by Railtown will happen April 25, 2019
• Photograph hanging (matted and framed) will take place on May 24, 2019 (Kathy could use some help)
• Take-down on October 28, 2019
Rules have been changed so that replacing sold photographs with the same image is no longer required. The photographer has the option to replace with the same image sold, hang an image of his/her choice or another photographer can take the open space. Note: Engine 28 is now fired up.

Financial Report – Barbara Stewart
The club has 33 members and a balance of $1019.12. Two guests and potential club members were welcomed.

Education – Steve Brooks
• Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento: “The Roaming Eye” street photography will hang until May 19, 2019. A street photography Lightroom editing class is offered on Saturday, March 23 ($125 -$155)
• Hagen Museum, Stockton: “Masters of American Photography” August 1 – October 20, 2019.

Meeting Minutes 2018-04-15

Photo Display

Our monthly theme was “Pattern.” Photos were shown and discussed. To see photos from our monthly photo theme, please check them out on our Theme of the Month page.

Financial Report

Laurie Lehmann reported that our total membership is now at 42 and our current balance is $1134.44, pending 2 new members’ dues.



Railtown Show Update

Kathy Syverson gave a report out on the upcoming show at Railtown. The highlights are:


  • The photo club will be able to hang a total of 40 images (7 per photographer)
  • Photos can be submitted to Dan Ryan until Friday, April 25.
  • Dan will meet with Railtown Foundation on April 26.
  • Participants should bring accepted framed photos to Carriage Room at Railtown on Friday, May 25 between 9:30 and 10:00.
  • Volunteers needed to help hang photos.
  • Photos will be taken down after Labor Day.
  • Framed items that are sold should be replaced with a like image.
  • 20% commission to be taken by Railtown Foundation.


Refreshment Reimbursement


Bill Heiser had an agenda item around the refreshment reimbursement that was brought up in the January meeting. It was proposed and approved that refreshment reimbursement was not necessary.

Summer Meetings


Zack Levey discussed the upcoming summer meetings. Due to the lower attendance at July meetings, it was proposed and approved that the club would have a photo shoot at a location to be determined.  Zack will send out a survey to gather ideas for the location. The club will vote at the May meeting. Additional input is also desired for the June and August meetings.


Photographer of the Month for Upcoming Months


  • June: Cheryl Calderero
  • July: Laurie Lehmann
  • August: Kathy Syverson
  • September: Pat Jennings
  • October: Linda Hogue
  • November: Bill Heiser
  • December: Zack Levy
  • Photos can be uploaded at any time.


Club Competition Reminder


The club competition will be held at the October 21st meeting and all current club members are invited to participate! The competition committee members are: Noel Ortiz, David Goldemberg, Jim Brown and Nancy Conti. The topics as chosen on by the club are Landscape, Macro, Abstract and, Tuolumne County.

The competition committee has 2 action items for the May meeting.

  1. They need to decide on a committee chairperson.
  2. The first status update on organizing the competition. Status updates should start as early as the May Meeting.
Photos for Critique

Kathy Syverson led a discussion of printed images supplied by Zack Levey, Bill Heiser and Sue Muston.

Sky Replacement – Kathy Syverson

Kathy gave a demonstration of three methods of sky replacement using On1 and Lightroom: Normal adjustments; sky replacement and sky overlay. She also had a handout describing the techniques used.

Portrait Photography Overview – Zack Levey

Zack brought equipment (light umbrella, portable backdrop, reflector) and gave a presentation on the basics of portrait photography.  We watched a video by portrait photographer Joe Edelman. You can watch that video on Youtube at the following link:

Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips mostly came out of the presentations. There was a discussion on lighting: positioning, metering. Some recommendations were.

Joe McNally has many books and provides lots of info. More information is available at his website.

Scott Kelby: The Flash Book (you can find it on Amazon and elsewhere).

Member Input / Q&A


Photo Opportunities
  • Mother Lode Roundup
  • Fireman’s Muster
  • Dogwoods in Yosemite
  • Frog Jump
  • Rush Creek Yosemite First Contest
Next Meeting

May 20, 2018

Theme: Breaking Patterns

Presentation:  Connie Cassinetto said that she would show one of the prepared lectures she does for Nikonian.

Slide Shows: Kathy Syverson, Laurie Lehmann, David Goldemberg and Nancy Conti



Refreshments: Darrin Young will bring to May meeting.

Meeting Minutes 2018-03-18

Financial Report

Zack Levey provided Laurie’s update as she was out of town. Our total membership is currently 40, with a club balance of $1149.44.

Photos for Critique

Kathy Syverson led a discussion of printed images supplied by Dan Ryan and Darrin Young. Zack Levey, Sue Muston and Bill Heiser volunteered to bring prints for review at April’s club meeting.

Photo Display

Cold/ice/snow photos were shown and discussed. Those photos can be found here.

Presentations by Cheryl Calderero, Zack Levey, and Dale Bass

Cheryl showed the club how she approaches creativity in taking and processing her photographs.  Some techniques she uses are: Photoshop “Twirl” and “Sphere”, collage, mid day shooting taking advantage of bokeh,  collage on book, collage using old black and white photos and photographing through oil drops in water.

Zack had a brief presentation and then showed a video explaining depth of field and Hyperfocal distance.

Dale shared a video from on using advanced brushes in Photoshop and Lightroom. You can find it on Youtube as well at the following link:


Zack reminded the photo contest committee that it was only 6 months until the club photo contest.

We had 2 guests at our meeting – guests are always welcome!

Hints and Tips


Member Input / Q&A


Photo Opportunities

LaGrange Rodeo, March 24

Railtown opening weekend April 7-8.  Wildflower trains run April 21, 22, 28 and 29.

Next Meeting

April 15, 2018: Theme is Patterns.  May theme is Breaking Patterns


Connie Cassinetto said that if she was in town for the May meeting, she would show one of the prepared lectures she does for Niconian.


Darrin Young will bring to April meeting.

Meeting Minutes 2018-02-18

Photo Display

The “Sunrise/Sunset” theme photos were displayed from the website.  No printed photos were offered for display.

Financial Report

Laurie Lehmann provided updated information for the club. One new member has joined, and our membership is at 34 members for the year. Our current balance is $1,169.44. It was approved that $15/month would be directed from the treasury to defray the cost of monthly refreshments if asked for by the refreshments volunteer.

Railtown Summer Display – Kathy Syverson

The summer display in the Carriage Room at Railtown runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Weekend and is a benefit for the Railtown Foundation.  Kathy explained the procedure for image selection and that payout for images sold is not until after the show closes in September. Images sold must be replaced with the same image as soon as possible.  Eight club members expressed an interest in participating: Dan Ryan, Jim Brown, Steve Brooks, Linda Hogue, Pat Jennings, Jacob Lewis, Cathy Sponseller and Kathy Syverson.

InFocus 2018

Kathy Syverson gave some updated information on the 2018 InFocus Photography Competition.

    • Jurying is complete for the 2018 show and 191 images were selected.
    • Several new panels and new lighting fixtures have been added.
    • The opening reception and awards ceremony is on March 4th from 5 – 7 p.m.
    • The show runs from March 5th thru March 18th and will be open daily from 12 – 5:30 p.m.  The final day, March 18th will close at 3:00 p.m. and photos can be picked up from 3 – 5:30 p.m.
    • The cost to join the Arts Alliance is $45 and must be paid prior to the reception if the artist does not want to pay a 20% commission on work sold. Membership can be purchased from the “STORE” at the TCAA web site.
    • The InFocus show benefits the Tuolumne County Arts Alliance.
    • The Artists bios will provide contact information.




Laurie showed the club 6 videos explaining what photo distortion is and how to correct it by using either Photoshop or Lightroom. She felt that this correction should be the first step in photo adjustment. Zack will post the videos on the club website.

Kathy Syverson led a discussion of printed images supplied by Dan Ryan, Laurie Lehmann, Bill Heiser, Jan Alcalde and Cathy Sponseller.  It was agreed that the discussion of printed images is valuable and should continue.

Hints and Tips


Member Input/Q&A


Photo Opportunities


Next Meeting

Date: March 18, 2018

Presentation: Zack will give some information on Depth of Field and Hyperfocal Distance. We’ll also watch a video that Dale found on Advance Brush settings in Lightroom and Photoshop

Photo Theme: Snow/Frost/Ice/Cold

Refreshments:  Cheryl Calderaro

Meeting Minutes 2018-01-21

Photo Display

The “Still Life” theme photos were displayed from the website.  No printed photos were offered for display.

Financial Report

Laurie Lehmann provided updated information for the club. 24 paid members, and $939+ in the club account. Dues are due by 1/31/2018.


Zack presented the findings of the next survey that he sent out on several issues.

  • 2018 topics for competition: Landscape, Macro, Abstract, Tuolumne County
  • 2018 education ideas: Guest Professionals, Indoor Setup, Blending Modes; Photoshop Basics, Sharpening, Advanced Photoshop and Photo Stacking.
  • 2018 cameras used: Nikon (ILC and point and shoot), Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Smartphone.
  • 2018 software used: Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Others

For a more detailed breakdown, please contact Zack.

InFocus 2018

Kathy Syverson discussed the 2018 InFocus Photography Competition that closes to entries on Monday, January 22 at 6:00 p.m. Selected photos can be submitted on Friday, March 2, 2018 from noon to 5 p.m. and on Saturday, March 3 2018 from 9 a.m. to noon.

Laurie Lehmann, Dan Ryan, Jerry Woodward and Pat Jennings volunteered to help Kathy Syverson with check-in.

The exhibit opens at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday March 4th with a presentation of awards to artists. The exhibit runs from March 4th thru March 18th when photos will need to be picked up by the artists. Volunteers to gallery sit include Dan Ryan, Laurie Lehmann, Barbara Stewart, Jan Alcalde and Pat Jennings.   Hours are noon to 5:30 p.m.


Laurie used PowerPoint to explain a typical Adobe Lightroom workflow. Five steps in the process are: Capture, Import, Organize, Develop and Output. The workflow process will be posted to the club website.

Kathy Syverson led a discussion on how to improve photos submitted at the October club photo contest based on the comments made by the judges.  Zack and Kathy both brought photos with the judges’ comments for discussion of what could be done in the shooting and in post-processing to correct the photographs. Many club members disagreed with the judges’ comments.

Hints and Tips


Member Input/Q&A

Dan Ryan thought that a discussion of printed work vs. the Photo Display was more beneficial.  It was agreed that printed photos would be presented for comment in addition to the Photo Display. Dan Ryan, Laurie Lehmann, Bill Heiser, Art Ortiz, Noel Ortiz and Jan Alcalde agreed to bring one photo each for discussion at the February meeting.

Photo Opportunities

Jerry Woodward suggested that morning frost produced by the current cold weather was an excellent photo opportunity if one bundled up and got out early.

Indigeny was mentioned as one good location.

Next Meeting

Date: February 18, 2018

Presentation: Laurie Lehmann volunteered to research “Distortion”: how to correct and how to add to photographs.

Photo Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

Refreshments:  Barbara Stewart