Upcoming Photo Displays

Upcoming Monthly Photo Themes
These are the monthly themes which will be displayed on the Theme of the Month page in the months ahead.

  • February: Black & White or Sepia
  • March: Paradise Found
  • April: Dutch Tilt (tilted horizon)
  • May: Light
  • June: Geometric Shapes
  • July: Beginnings & Endings
  • August: Tones of a Color / Monochrome
  • September: Textures
  • October: Macro / Close-Up
  • November: Spirituality
  • December: Photographer’s Favorites

Photographer of the Month (POM)
These club members will be featured on the Photographer of the Month page in upcoming months.

  • February: Linda Hogue
  • March: Pat Jennings
  • April: Catherine Stanton
  • May: Connie Cassinetto
  • June: Bill Heiser
  • July: Kathy Syverson
  • August: Melinda Martin
  • September: Jan Alcalde
  • October: Jeff Luhn
  • November: Kathy Syverson
  • December: open

Upcoming Slideshows
The following member slideshows are planned.

  • February: Cheryl Calderaro
  • March: Kathy Syverson
  • April: no meeting
  • May: Nancy Conti
  • June: Cheryl Calderaro
  • July: Pat Jennings
  • August: open
  • September: Cathy Sponseller
  • October: Dale Bass
  • November: Melinda Martin
  • December: open